Monday, December 20, 2010

Removing the faceup and sealant

Monday, December 20 - removed headcap, removed eyes, cleaned stickytack out of head. Took a rough rag and a toothbrush to the doll, using plain rubbing alcohol. Below, I am using a USPS Priority Mail box as a colour reference.

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Doll is currently being soaked in a Tupperware container of 3% hydrogen peroxide, face down, to see if I can get any more of the crease stains to come out.

The Goal

I purchased a secondhand Bobobie Erin whose resin had yellowed/greened through age. The doll's head/body were otherwise in good condition.

The doll is going to be destroyed and put back together in various ways to see whether there's a good, consistent way to hide bonding material under pastels, acrylic paint, and airbrushing. Most coloring media reacts differently on various bonding and modding materials.

The last time I used an airbrush on a consistent basis was when I was doing SFX makeup for convention cosplay, so this will also be my practice doll to get back into the swing of things.